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TSTG Home Page

Testbed Software Tester Groups

This page is dedicated to the TSTG activities. Test Group is a group of volunteers who are part of DataGrid. Our goal is to test each DataGrid release before its deployment, and to develop a general, automatic framework of test to allow people to test their sites.
  • 1.1.4 : Test Group activities has officially begun on monday 15th of April, for a first dry-run on release 1.1.4.
    As this 15 days session is achieved, a test group meeting has been organized to make the test procedure evolve. Many bugs have been submitted to bugzilla, most of the time, documentation bugs. Some of the test results of this first test session are available here.
  • 1.2 : For the second test run of its short existence, TSTG has spent the week from monday 13th of May to 17h with the IT during the integration week at CERN. New test activity session of 15 days should begin once the integration will be finished.

  • Tools and Scripts : A set of script to test the datagrid installation and functionnality