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Access to EDG Testbed

New users should review the EDG User's Guide to get an overview of the capabilities of the EDG software. It also contains a set of examples for typical usage patterns.

The following list is a very brief summary of the step to get started with the EDG testbed.

    This certificate identifies you to the various components of the DataGrid software and will allow you access to DataGrid resources. This certificate must be installed in a browser and in the home area of the account from which you will submit jobs. The EDG User's Guide can help you with this.

    The CA must follow its published process to verify your identity before issuing a certificate. These procedures can take a couple of days.

  1. Sign the EDG Usage Guidelines.

    You must agree to the conditions in this document to access European DataGrid resources. You can only access this page once you have obtained your certificate and loaded it into your browser. This document can also be read without a certificate.

  2. Obtain account on a User Interface machine.

    This is any machine running the User Interface software which allows you to interact with the DataGrid testbed. Talk to your local system administrator to see if he/she has set one up. If not, contact the CERN testbed managers and request an account on one of the public User Interface machines there.

  3. Review available documentation.

    The User's Guide is the recommended starting place, but the above page contains links to general and specific documentation on both DataGrid and Globus software.