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Application Testbed

Testbed 3

The EDG application testbed consists of approximately 15 sites around Europe running the 2.x release of the EDG software.
It is intended for semi-production use by applications to verify the utility of the EDG software.
  • The available resource brokers for the application testbed are: boszwijn.nikhef.nl.
  • To see the state of the resources, use Dynamic MapCenter from RGMA.
  • Web of  some EDG Sites:

Site administrators mailing list

The full site administrators can be contacted via the list hep-project-grid-site-admin@cern.ch (archive).

You can subscribe to this mailing list by sending an email to listbox.server@cern.ch and putting the following in the body of the message: subscribe hep-project-grid-site-admin

You can unsubscribe by following the same procedure with "unsubscribe" replacing "subscribe" above.

Testbed 1
  • Web of EDG Sites
  • The testbed 1 site administrators can be reached by e-mail at the address below:


  • Site Contact
  • Map center

  • Testbed 0

    Configuration for MDS2
    Configuration for MDS2.1
    Browse DataGrid GIIS
    • Browse DataGrid GIIS